New Year’s Underground Resolutions

by the daydreamer

A new year lies ahead of us, with lots of new opportunities to catch. It’s no wonder that, as it happens with every beginning, there is an instinct that surrounds us to dream big. Or it’s simply the feeling of being more motivated than ever. We put our thoughts in order, show gratitude to the year that has just passed and hope for the best achievements in the year to come. What about our Underground community?

Well, to foresee a future filled with good times comes as mandatory. The first New Year’s Resolution is, thus, unpretentious and easily agreeable: see in every small step taken that brings you closer to your ideal a reason to celebrate. After all, in the grand scheme of things, what matters most is the pure happiness within us, that exact point in time when we forget ourselves, our worries or the mistakes we’ve made. Live for that in 2018 and learn to appreciate it more because you never know when or if it is going to ever come back.

Strive for improvement. It is not sufficient, nor efficient, just to give yourself solely to the somehow superficial side of being. You were left on this Earth to bring something unique, never seen before, to the table. Yes, you are gifted with the talent, you have the passion, but without effort progression will not be as attainable. Just give that little extra time to see the best coming out at the surface. Trust us, you will not be disappointed.

As for the community itself, there is a very appropriate incentive that is to be shared: “Let us all unite!” Be kind to one another and experience mostly in togetherness. At the end of the day, you must acknowledge that a sense of belonging will give you the satisfaction of knowing that there is someone you can rely of; that someone who sees Underground as a passion, exactly as you do. Let 2018 be your year!

photo by Romanian Club Culture


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