Romania, Underground’s mothership

by the daydreamer

There are simply some places on this beautiful Earth of ours whose renown cannot be taken down. Just like Italy is known for its delicious pizza and pasta, France for the cheese and wine and Spain for its famous football players we tend to agree to what the saying suggests: The man really does sanctifies the place. We are not here to give you geography or a sports lesson, nor one about sacredness, but one about how people possess the gift of changing the world they live in.

In our Underground Universe which gloriously stands between the borders traced by the Danube, the Carpathians and the Black Sea (no more geography, we promise), there are some remarkable accomplishments, may we say. Some names that, when pronounced, carry with them hours of work in front of the DJ set and people who were inspired by them. Talented names that gather music and party enthusiasts wherever they go, because of the incredible atmosphere they are known to create. Names that make us proud in whichever corner of the map we shall set our foot in, because they have already been there and created a standard for what’s it like to be a Romanian Underground passionate. Names that we will be delighted to enumerate only a few, because we are conscious of the fact that there are loads:Raresh, Cezar, Praslea, Herodot, Priku, Cristi Cons, Vlad Caia, Premiesku, Livio & Roby, Suciu, Cap, Crihan and as we previously said, many more. Feel free to add your favourite to the list and share them with us.

Yes, for others they might seem like extra-terrestrial appellatives and we might as well admit that they can be considered as such. Why? Because they are different from anybody else, they’ve got that special something in their music that made them stood out in the otherwise normal crowd and had the ability to turn Romania into the mother-ship of Underground music.

photo by Romanian Club Culture