The Underground Diary #1: Octave’s Oriental Odyssey

by the daydreamer

We invite you to take a glimpse into the heart of the Oriental fairytale named Casablanca. Our talented artist, Octave, landed from the European hustle in the hidden paradise of Underground music. We must admit that after he confessed his experience there, we felt as if we were transported right into middle of the audience, surrounded by the most exotic feelings. Unfortunately, this only seems a dream for us, but we are so glad we now have the chance to see it through Octave’s eyes.

Assonant Circles: How was the flight?

Octave: Like every flight

A.C: How long did it take?

O: 12 hours

A.C: For how long did you play music?

O: For two, very intense, yet so fulfilling hours.

A.C: With whom else did you play?

O: His name is Steve Butcher, a very cool British guy. It was a true pleasure to meet him and also to share the DJ set.

A.C: How do you describe your musical style? Why?

O: If a track has a message, I will probably play it. If it has a positive message, I will definitely play it. Most of the tracks sound almost similar, so I’m not very into that market. Why play those kinds of tracks when there’s a lot of amazing and original producers who are making tracks each day?

A.C: How did the audience receive your style?

O: I must say that it was one of the best connections I've had with a crowd. Their energy was truly contagious.

A.C: How was the vibe at the party?

O: In a word…AMAZING. We all wanted more and some of us even went to an after-party. That’s how much fun it was.

A.C: How would you describe the people (both, the audience and the promoters)

O: The crowd was really into the music, so most of them came and expressed their joy which was great to see and hear. They were very welcoming and excited about the party. The promoters have thought of every aspect of the party. Each situation had a plan B. This way we all had the best experience and I’m sure that’s what they really wanted.

A.C: What did you like? And what you didn’t?

O: The whole trip was perfect from Friday ‘til Monday, when I left. I can't tell you here, but epic things happened (he laughs)

A.C: In your opinion, what is the difference between their Underground and the Romanian one?

O: They are really into the Romanian scene, so it’s basically the same kind of Underground, from what I can say.

A: What’s something that they have and we do not?

O: There are exceptions, but the biggest difference would be their involvement. When they make a party they consider every aspect so the crowd can be 100% happy and come to the next one. How they treat the audience is remarkable.

A.C: What do we have and they don’t?

O: More underground scene. I’m sure that starting 2018, things will get better over there as well.

And so it’s been, a journey into a totally different geographic place, but which is united with us through the power of Underground music, and we would like to thank to our friends from Default Settings for this lovely adventure. Stay tuned for more musical stories and other-worldly experiences.

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