2017 - the effervescent year of Underground events

by the daydreamer

2017 is slowly, but steadily approaching to its end. Until we start building our New Year’s Resolutions and rush into what is to come, we consider that it is for the best to appreciate what we had, the memories we collected throughout this year, when someone could catch the most authentic smile on our faces. And, to be honest, we are grateful for the existence of these amazing people who were able to arrange these moments for us and we would like to thank them enormously. The recap is a modest one, may we confess, considering the amplitude of the Underground scene in 2017, but it also comes as a must.

The beginning was marked by the joyful stepping into the New Year, with enthusiasm and sparkles of music in the most important venues of the country. The fires were, though, lit, with the occasion of re:Start with Baby Ford, San Proper, Priku and Suciu at Club Kran, Bucharest and continued the next weekend in the same place with DJ Boring, Vlad Caia, Filipp & Saluna. And if you thought that someone was tired after such an ardent start, you should know that February could not be missed because Sunrise brought together some the biggest names in the industry (Ricardo Villalobos, Raresh & Dubtil) along with all the party-ready people.

Spring is the season when the nature is in its full blooming period, so it was proved to be for the Underground scene. Home London decided to pump musical lifeblood into our veins and organized a celebration of new beginnings, interconnected with our old, well sedimented passion: techno. For April we were glad not to be fooled, but surprised right in the heart of London, where representatives of the a:rpia:r team were realising magic from their DJ sets. Carefully, we took our most precious valuables, which may as well be just the desire to party, and our beloved ones, and moved in the heart of Transylvania for some Alandala moments. Both May and June were ecstatic and we would have lived like this for an eternity or even more.

Fortunately, nights during summertime consist only of enchantment and July came to complete that with its oh, so awaited Sunwaves Festival. International and autochthone names filled the salted air of the Black Sea which became the “place to be” at the end of August. When the whirling waves collided with the sweet notes, that’s when we knew we found our home away from home. Right there, on the warm sand.

Autumn came with, still, a wind of summer, as in September we celebrated a Late summer w Bill Patrick, Sammy Dee, Kozo, Herodot, Suciu, Cap, Hozoc signed by Haos Events. Goodbyes are difficult, we know, but we must embrace them as they open doors to new opportunities. In our case, a new opportunity to party. When fall decided to firmly step in rounds of dancing, we declined its invitation, continued to believe in the power of summer and enrolled in the MDRNTY Cruise, a four-days celebration of how music really brings us together, a true 294-meter long festival that meets no rhythmic boundaries. Your favourites were there to guide you with tones you have not heard before, all with the implication of Sunrise.

And so, we conclude with just some of the events that succeeded to gather thousands of people in one place, but we are aware that for each and every one of you, the experience was unique to your taste. So this is when we dare you to answer a simple question, but that will make a significant difference: Which were the events closest to your heart in 2017? Meanwhile, be prepared to close the year with the same exuberance, as on 16th of December a magical event will take place at Casino Sinaia.

photo by Romanian Club Culture