Live is the new sh*t!

by the daydreamer

We will start with a simple question: Aren’t you bored? You will say that’s a little bit too vague. Let us be more specific, then: Aren’t you bored of having your expectancies broken by those who decided to follow their passion for manifesting their feelings through their melodious voice, had their moment of glory and now think that they are so important that their voice must not be heard in its original form. That’s why they resort to a form of curating their music the playback way. This is when Underground comes and makes justice.

Underground artists will forever stay true to what they have to say, to the original, most pure way to make music. Even if they sometimes make mistakes, they learn and they move over. But still, LIVE will forever be the answer to the others’ hearts. LIVE is like a potion that requires being carefully prepared, by adding each element and serum provoking a different reaction of the public. And this can be seen in the dancing steps, because regarding this matter, the artist is not also a magician, but also a puppet man, pulling the strings and moving the crowd in whichever direction he desires. Unbounded by gravity, their minds will be carried away to other spheres, untouched or unexplored during their existence. That is because the manifestation of the artist’s power allowed that. By choosing to play LIVE, he suddenly hit chords of the sets, instead of the simple buttons he was familiar with.

It all became a game where there was no loser, only winners. The losers were having their own game, somewhere in the corner, where nobody knew them. The losers were the wannabes, those who decided that prior-registered perfection is the key. So they stood by, looking at the screen of their laptops and hoping for the best. But the best never happens for those who pretend, who do not put effort into what they are making and want to achieve unrealistic goals by doing nothing.

Will you still accept the boredom, then? Or will you embrace the thunderous feelings that LIVE provides? Through light and darkness the sounds will guide you, they will pave the roads on which you step in your reckless dance, building an empire out of the unexpected and rawness.

photo by Romanian Club Culture