A Phoenix rising from the ashes

by the daydreamer

You try to reach inside your mind to the thoughts that live there. Somehow, they seem too further for your hands to touch and your heart to feel. The creative emptiness floating around you day by day pushes you to continue. You feel small, surrounded by a giant chaos.

And you wonder how all the dedication is defeated in front of those sounds that are copied one after another and that play on repeat on the radio. And they had it all: the resources, a beautiful studio that you could only dream of, the fame, the money. And the people really do believe that’s how music is supposed to sound, disguised to the point where it’s truly unrecognizable. No emotions, no mystery. It’s all laid in front of them, leaving no room for interpretation or to decipher its valences.

Meanwhile, you find yourself standing with only a computer and some headphones, working in the beams of the daylight or in the shadow of the moon. But the passion collides within fractions of moments with the struggles that already created a manner of persistency. The monotony of everyday life interfered with the indifference seen in others and so it created your passion to change this. You keep the power in your hands and you share your magic with others, but they treat you with skepticism. It is your chance to prove them wrong, to step with dignity and to inspire. Your chance to make a difference, because that is what Underground does. Feel free to express yourself in any manner you wish. At first, they will probably not take you for granted, but you are smarter than them. And you will be discovered as a blooming talent.

Inhaling uncertainty, exhaling belief, you are a Phoenix bird rising from the ashes. Unapologetically, unique, you agreed to never sell your soul to the Mainstream Mefisto. And you will stay true to your promise, won’t you?

photo by Romanian Club Culture