The story of the scattered soul of Underground music

by the daydreamer

Contrary to popular belief, words never fail to express our thoughts. They exist simply because we let them escape from our mind, where they have been chained by our deepest fears of saying what we truly believe. But when we do decide to rip off the words, they tend to flow like a cascade, without passing them through the filter of consciousness. And this is when the unwanted happens. We hurt the people we care about and that care for us.

This whole ”theory” applies to the industry that we find ourselves loving and working for: the Underground music. We are a community formed on the basis of hope and freedom of expression and standing for these values as if they were gemstones found between strands of sand. And in the tornado of defending these values, how do we defend ourselves from one another? Because we tend to forget that we are pieces of a puzzle that would not be complete without one or the other. And if you find yourselves wondering who are the pieces, may I tell you clearly: the DJs, the promoters and the guests. Pretty obvious, yet sometimes sent into oblivion, so this would come just as a kindly reminder. It is a reminder for you, the guest who shows interest into the creations of a DJ, to respect him and to bring him a round of applause, to support him and not throw sharp words like arrows.

Then it’s your turn, the DJ to thank the guest for his existence. But for it, you wouldn’t have whom to play your beloved work to, so your effort will not be able to manifest itself as you have probably imagined. The puzzle would, therefore, not be complete without the promoters, those who bravely assume the fact that they will not be in front and not carry away the garland, but they will be happy if they catch a candid smile on someone’s face and a rarely said, but oh so necessary “Thank you!”.

So, bear in mind that a smile, a phrase, a gesture hold the power to awaken profound echoes within these persons. Their destinies are built outside of them, scattered in cities and in different locals. They wish to sing a symphony leading to success, but that survives only due to acknowledging the interdependence between them, because, in the end, they form one soul only: the soul of Underground music.

photo by Romanian Club Culture


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