A nonconformist recipe

by the daydreamer

As much as we like to live our lives spontaneously, in equal measure we also like to be given a few hints about how to enjoy certain moments. Opinions, experiences, found within us or others, they all form a recurrent recipe that can apply to the majority. Here you have our special recipe that we cooked in the Universe of Assonant Circles. Read carefully, take notes, and practice it yourself.

1. Live through the music. Raptured from the daily chores, you come to a party to take refuge under the precious kingdom of sounds. It’s the first and foremost criteria when you choose to show up to this kind of event. A good beat is the ultimate essence to a perfect night out and about.

2. Let loose. It’s the perfect time to forget about everything, every constrain that you impose, after all, yourself, as a product of society. No one is here to joke upon you or make fun of your somehow abnormal behavior. They only care about themselves and it’s about time you do that, too. Laugh, enjoy, but most importantly, dance!

3. Bring your clique. Don’t you feel just a little bit empty when it’s only you alone? Of course, we wish for moments of privacy, but in the case of a party, it’s best if you bring your closest, dearest friends. The enjoyment will be incommensurable greater and the memories of this night whom to be share with.

4. Admire the visuals. Just like canvases painted by the graceful movement of fingertips holding an imaginary brush, the walls become a spectacular show for the eyes. The fun is in the fact that, somehow, they correlate with the music. It’s a synthesis that, as imperative as it is, most of us take for granted. But it’s part of the game. And the game won’t be the same without all the elements that compose it, visuals included.

5. Press pause for just a moment. You will notice how an unknown calmness will soon conquer you, just in the middle of the musical performance. You need this little escapade to free your mind. And you’ll hold on to it for as long as you feel like. Do not worry. You’ll not be deprived of the fun, because this will only last a few seconds in the actual time stream. But in your world, this moment of pause will be just enough to regain your strength and continue to dance your emotions out, afterwards.

All in all, we must admit that each of us is different, so our recipe might be different from person to person. And this is why we would like to ask you to share the ingredient you think we missed. A little bit spicier, sweeter or even bitter, we need it for the equilibrium.

photo by Romanian Club Culture