The eternal constellation of the Underground community

by the daydreamer

If we must learn something from life’s littlest adventures is that everything is ephemeral. Every moment of joy or sadness, every smile or tear encounter their bitter-sweet finality. Depending on the situation, we wish for the moment to be prolonged at whatever cost or for it not be thrown into the void of oblivion.

Gladly, each of us is in disposal of something that we ought to be more aware of, something that will always be by our side to remind us of those moments. Can you guess what I am talking about? The answer is simple. We have each other, in the form of a splendid, most united community that is defined by values of great trust and solidarity. Over the years, the Underground community has expanded and the industry could not have escalated with such rapidity if it were not for the coadunation of souls who share a common passion: the Underground music.

It’s all in you: the creators, the believers and those who shape the actual event, which in the industry are known as the promoters. In the past, we have discussed about the essentiality of the former (Warning! The realm of platitude was invaded by originality!). The time has come now to applaud the tremendous dose of pure enthusiasm of those who left sparkles on the dance floor. To remember the starry nights which, in the blink of an eye, were invaded by the golden rays of the sun at dawn. It is time to thank one another for taking care when we almost collapsed in the face of distractions. It’s all in the human nature, but somehow we are grateful for the fact that we did not make the wrong step, only because there was someone by our side.

And yes, we enjoyed our time. Oh, we did, from the bottom of our music-filled heart. But would we have met unless the circumstance supposed so? It was the party itself that brought us together, into a singular place. This union is the fruition of hours of physical and mental work, the work of those who dedicated themselves to the industry of restless days, the promoters. They deserve our honest appreciation and even beyond.

What matters in the end is that we were all there, creating the constellation of the Underground community, to which people will adhere to for generations to come. And if we first admitted that everything is ephemeral in life, let’s prove the opposite. Let us, and only us, be eternal.


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