Warning! The realm of platitude was invaded by originality!

by the daydreamer

We are the generation of pure controversies and speculations, with questions rising one after the other. Yet, our mind notices what’s surrounding us and only allows us to resonate with few, qualitatively-accepted phenomena, out of the myriad choices. The generation that knows it all and is multi-tasking, but that when asked about its passions and hobbies, the answer is so sadly redundant: travelling, reading, listening to music and we can continue the list with only a few options. Fortunately, some minds of this generation perceived their roles to perpetuate their inner passions and spread them all around, so that more of us can benefit from them.

Unless you guessed by now, the eulogy is addressed to the Underground music. More specifically, its sedimentation into the minds which belong to a country hit by the devastating effects of a restrictive regime in the XX century: Romania. It’s our country of origin that, despite of the many difficulties that it encountered, managed to make a statement in a domain which was so little explored. The course of time took many turns, but we know whom to be indebted to.

Probably those who are a must to be mentioned are [a:rpia:r], the Romanian label which is a pilon formed out of names that you’ve most probably heard of or even listened to. Enumerating them will ensure a better imaginative vision. And how can we not, after everything that they have done in the name of both our country and the music that they represent. Names who fought for breaking the convention, names who gave us hope: Afumati, Boola, Cezar, Cinderfella LTD, Cristi Cons, Dan Andrei, Demos, Dreamrec, Kozo, Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu, Praslea, Priku, Raresh.

The soft petal-like sounds creating euphonious fractures into the DJ set were many times pierced by the thorns of nonbelievers. Speaking with honest, what would be the pleasure of the creative act if it was not scattered with bitterness? Few are those who understand, but many the faces that put on masks so they will feel alive. The latest mentioned are actually envious because they don’t have the courage to make a statement, while the others accept that probably they will not fit in, but at least they’ll live according to their beliefs. The masked people are those who follow the certainty of TV and radio hits without acknowledgement of their inclinations, while the misfits succeed in creating a name among a much smaller group of people, but who proved to be devoted with every performance.


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