Letter to the Underground artist

by the daydreamer

My dearest artist,

Weary of the endless effort and the dedication you gave to your work, the sight of not being appreciated by people of your own kind saddens you, doesn’t? You have probably been there, my dear artist, restless soul from the army of music creators. Indeed, when the result of your work becomes more appreciated overseas, over borders or anywhere else but in the realm you were born in, some questions start to arise.

Don’t be afraid, I can assure you that other’s opinion is strictly subjective and your work is not in jeopardy. On the contrary, be proud of how far you have come and that people that do not identify themselves with your nationality are impressed and believe in you. When the stages that you will play on are situated in front of crowds that do not speak the same mother language as you, speak with them through the language of music.

The true mystery lays in the public’s demands. It might be the exotic feeling that they get whenever the line-up is filled with foreign names, or the fact they underestimate the true nature of your talent, considering you just ”one of theirs”. Or it might be out of the fear to cultivate in you an alter-ego, forgetting about your roots and your not so glorious beginnings.

Whatever it is, a society whose Utopia of music was built out of letting people like you run away, grow as an artist and make a name someplace else means that it did not see your real value. And if your value is respected in other countries, it means that’s where you’re supposed to be.

P.S. Why should you bother with pleasing everyone, when the only one you should please is you?

your sweet and sincere,

Miss Passion

photo by Romanian Club Culture


103 M, Timisoara Bld. 041313  Bucharest, Romania

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