Techno music, standing on the border between a feeling and a trend

by the daydreamer

In a world chasing for individuality and expressing your own self, how can you assume the risk to be seen as ”just like the others”? Yes, you do that, unconsciously, only by adapting certain aspects that draw you attention. In a way, it’s also the pressure coming from the society, to feel like you belong to a community, that you are a part of something. In fact, the not so pleasant truth that we are born, live and die by ourselves. So why would you deny your own emotions when you can embrace what makes them rise at their very peak: the music.

To be more specific, it seems like in the recent years, techno gained a power which not so many people believed in at first. There were just a few ardent people who felt inspired to express their feelings though this type of music. In no time, their number increased and a new trend appeared. The pure essence was slowly lost in favor of gaining the status of being “cool” or, moreover, getting acquainted to the DJs so that free access and backstage was guaranteed. Hopefully, you cannot relate to that, but unfortunately, we are talking here about the majority.

One shall not forget that underground is about the vibe, about transmitting a subtle message through harmonious sounds that are meant to lead directly to the heart. Just like mercury slowly diluting into the palm of your hand, techno music should pass through your soul, leaving a sign of gratitude for the artist’s talent and also for the existence of a thing so peaceful or, on the contrary, so reverberant. What others think of you should not matter in a world where only you and the rhythm exist.

photo by Romanian Club Culture


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