Underground Romanian Music and its genesis

by the daydreamer

Your mind is often mislead to believe that the most eccentric, outrageous (in the best sense of the word) underground parties are to be found outside the borders of the country you were born in. It may be out of the human instinct of underestimating what it already has or because you simply desire for more and you want your land to excel in everything.

When it comes to Romania, there is no reason to doubt. In the last few years, this East European realm had its fair share of events dedicated to the techno phenomena. We are talking about parties that gathered thousands of participants and continuous hours of dancing. The only thing that could have interrupted the fascination was the pause to take a deep breath and admire what was happening around you. What could be mentioned are festivals such as Sunwaves, Waha or Mioritmic and weekly parties organized by diverse Romanian promoters in the big cities of Bucharest, Cluj and Constanta.

Also, one must not forget about the talents that make these events something to tick on the ”must attend list”. They are numerous and ever-growing. They are the result of working for hours out of pure passion and enthusiasm, names that compose line-up after line-up, just to keep you heart-rate going and your feet moving.

Building the underground Romanian music scene was not an easy task for any of the elements that were imposed. But step by step, just like those you are doing, it succeeded. Be grateful for what it gives you and give back in return smiles and good vibes, because these are moments you will never forget, because techno music is always by your side.

illustration by Romanian Club Culture


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