The emotional storm created by the Funktion One sound system

by the daydreamer

When trying your best to get to connect your audience both with one another and with the music you’re creating, choosing the best sound system is a decisive choice. Quality is what we are all looking for as far as this matter is concerned, so we cannot help but introduce you our favorite of them all. Without further ado, let’s now discuss why Funktion One is the sound system you should opt for.

The warmth of the vibrations that it produces will rise thrilling emotions and the robotic effect is something not to worry about anymore. Although the details remain captured in the sound, your imaginary is somehow relished by the feel of power you hold in your hands. Like a heart-rate graph, Funktion One gives you the desire to produce more and more, to feel curious and explore audible paths which were never before heard. Subtle, yet very noticeable is another important characteristic of what makes this sound system worth of praise. Its creators put emphasis on elements that will maintain a natural balance by adding technological features of maximum performance to generate a unique effect. By this, the style of every DJ will remain distinctive and easy recognizable.

Technology is often thought to substitute the man and his chores. Music makes no exception and it seems that immersing into an emotional storm is also possible with the help of Funktion One, an extraordinary sound system.


103 M, Timisoara Bld. 041313  Bucharest, Romania

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