An existentialist musical crisis

by the daydreamer

Whenever you are listening to a song, do not just murmur or dance it out. Let it sink into your skin, wake up your tired bones and allow it to go beyond, filling every inch of emptiness. Then, make an exercise of imagination. Pose yourself some rhetorical questions or some questions for which you’ll need to find the answer. One thing is for sure: they must be related to how music makes you feel. What memories does it bring back? Or what kind of scenario do you build inside your head when you listen to it? These are aspects which we should pay attention to, because, after all, music is made to transmit emotions, but sometimes we don’t have the power to acknowledge it and we take it for granted. Individually, we are reckless souls looking for something that can be found with an introspective look. Interlaced with one another, we represent the creation of a song which, in the end, we relate to. Sometimes it happens that, at a certain moment in time, this song will bring two or more lost souls together, so that it’ll only leave them feeling good.


103 M, Timisoara Bld. 041313  Bucharest, Romania

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