Introduction to the universe of Assonant Circles

by the daydreamer

The memories of everything that had happened this summer are somewhere on the border between amnesia and a dream. You just remember fragments of moments when you felt the happiness passing through your soul and all your body being conquered by some kind of magical rhythm. These were the times you felt more alive than ever. Still, it’s the present that should define everything, but you are still trapped into a beautiful world without any worries: the summer of 2017.

You are afraid, afraid of the fact that you will not be able to live that life again, that the music will never be there to comfort you and the parties that lasted ‘till dawn are over. Let me tell you something: you’re afraid for no reason. The music is still here and the parties will be greater than ever. Do you want to know why? Because you will have us, you will have Assonant Circles. We will make sure your answer will be ”present” at the most awaited underground parties where you will get to know a whole new, unexpected side of your dancing steps. The melancholy is no longer dominating you, but a turmoil of enthusiasm and a desire to move alongside the other techno passionate people has taken its place. You now belong to the universe of Assonant Circles, where, although transcribed into usual letter, we all speak the glorious language of music.

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103 M, Timisoara Bld. 041313  Bucharest, Romania

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