10 Ways the Coronavirus Pandemic Could Change Our Clubbing Scene

As we have so much time on our hands nowadays due to the social distancing phenomenon caused by the lovely Coronavirus, we let our imagination run wild. Developing different scenarios that could happen after all of this madness had ended has become part of our daily routine, so we thought of 10 utopian and quite unlikely scenarios that will brighten your day up:

- The bar prices will become truly affordable, as everyone had to come back down to earth and realize the actual value of things. Imagine how you will not spend half of your salary just on a night out. Yes. You can dream as big as that.  

- The concept of guest list will disappear, as everyone will want to contribute to the well-being of the scene. No more stupid criteria of who is worthy to participate at the party. We will all be treated with equality, as we should have been by now, actually. 

- As everyone who wants to attend an event will have to pay, the entrance fee will also be cheaper than we are used to. Spending less on alcohol and on the ticket, equals more fun and more money in your pocket. Now is the time to think about what you’ll spend the extra money on. No impulsive buying is encouraged, though. 

- Each and every one will be a true fan of the genre and will attend events just for the sake of music and not for just getting high. A room filled with real passionate people, that’s what the industry has dreamed of since its beginning and it will come true very very soon. 

- Everybody attending parties will be as nice as possible after realizing how much they missed the presence of other people alike. No matter if you are an introvert or an extrovert, prepare for all the hugs you will have to give and receive, but also for all the talk you’ll make.   

- After all this time spent inside, nobody will feel the need to use their mobile phones to take photos or videos, as they will want to be as underground as possible. How many hours do you spend on your phone nowadays? Is it 8, 12 or somewhere in between? You’ll be tired of it by the end of the quarantine, we promise you.

- Only the best tracks will be played, as the DJ-s will have an excellent music taste, considering that they have had enough time on their hands to cultivate themselves in their domain of interest.

- As similarly stated to the point mentioned above, all the artists will now be talented musicians after loads of musical theory sessions while in quarantine.

- The DJ fees will have no other choice than asking for a smaller fee because everything will be cheaper. 

-  The event promoters will realize that they are the ones that have to keep everything running so they will give 110% so the returning public feels better than ever. 

Will any of this materialize? Only time will tell... meanwhile, stay safe and sane! We will meet again soon!